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For 7 Days

For GOLD Level your challenge will be to complete a 7 Day Juice Reboot, yep 7 days only juicing and millions like you have already done this so, yes you can do it. Go for gold if you can. Be one of 20,000 people that are signing up. Be part of the GIANT JUICE CHARITY CHALLENGE, its global…


For 7 days

If juicing only is a challenge step too far, then enjoy our carefully selected 7 day healthy eating meal plan. All set out with shopping list and how to make instructions. You will feel super charged by the end of your 7 days.


For 7 Days

If you can’t get around to following a meal plan or doing 7 days juice only, then the bronze is for you – just commit to adding a juice a day into your daily routine. If not a juice a smoothie. A juice a day keeps the doc away. 1 small step for 1 giant leap in your health.


Once Signed Up Here is What You Get In The Program


Boost Your Health 

This Program Is for You


You want to loose a few kilos


You have an ongoing health issue


You find it hard to sleep


You have skin issues like eczema, acne or dry skin


You are diabetic and want to control your blood sugars


You are healthy and just want to continue to improve your health


If you do not have a clue how to start and need guidance


You want to feel energy and vitality


You have auto immune conditions


You have depression or anxiety


You have thyroid or adrenal issues


Have gut issues, bloating, gas or constipation


If you need support as you can not do this alone


If you want to regain your health, get healthy or just stay healthy


Alex, Singapore

“Boom! Its already day 10 and last day of my juicing detox!” Alex did the ULTIMATE Guided Detox Program ” Wow! A bit of a sore throat tried to come along last night buy my body just brushed it off! Too many nutrients!! Thanks Tania Schnuppe for this amazing experience, your support, my clear skin, deep sleep and flat tummy. Count me in again in 3 months! I want more detox! Alex – Saakalya Yoga, Singapore

Mike, Singapore

“I believe that just because we get older this doesn’t mean that we have to stop doing things that we want to. I am currently on day 7 of the juicing phase & it’s been great so far. I’ve managed to keep my energy levels up while continuing to train. I don’t weigh myself very often as I’ve stopped being concerned by weight & focus more on body fat & how I feel & how my clothes fit, but today I popped onto the scales & I’m 3kgs lighter than I was starting this program. So I checked my body fat too & I’ve broken through my target that I set last year!!!!!!!!!!!! So whilst my BMI still has me as overweight, my body fat % has just moved me from ‘fitness’ into ‘athletic’ somewhere I’ve never ever been & never thought I ever would be.” Mike – Coyote-Fitness, Singapore

Shilipi, Singapore

“Hey Tania, is it ok to extend the juicing days by 5 or seven? I am feeling terrible of late when I am introducing the regular food. I have to admit I did touch the forbidden food. I feel the need of cleansing to get back to the wonderful feeling I began to have after all the juicing.”  Shilpi, Singapore

Pamela, Singapore

“Low point going to bed on a Friday night so my family could eat junk and watch a movie without feeling bad. High point 5th day when it all fell into place energy, clarity and so motivated. Keep going it’s worth it. I’m day 8,


Tania i even managed to sleep again last night. I had not considered juicing would have helped with my rubbish sleep pattern. 😴

😊” Pamela, Singapore

Fiona, UK

“I am looking forward to getting started, I have wanted to do a juice fast for a long time” Fiona, UK

Nicky, Singapore

“Ok I am hooked, I love my juice. Its making me feel like wearing a hat.” Nicky, Singapore

Shammi, Singapore

“Not getting hunger pangs as there’s a lot of juice, but it’s more that I’m ‘missing eating’ (vividly remember what food tastes like!) & the social aspect of it- eg sitting down with family friends etc.”  Shammi, Singapore

Tania - Coach, Singapore

“You guys & girls inspire me. So nice you are all bonding so quickly.  Love all your commitment and the positive feedback on cutting out that caffeine. I will check in with you all tomorrow morning.” Tania Schnuppe – Coach, Singapore

Judy, USA

8.5 hours sleep! Wow!  I can’t remember the last time I slept as well as I have over the last week!  Amazing!  And feels wonderful, Judy, USA

Hazleen, Singapore

“I lost 7 Kilos whilst I was juicing. I could not believe how great I felt” Hazleen – Singapore

Meenal, Singapore

“Intending to clear fridge out before restocking for the week, I made these two juices that turned out quite well.. 1st – guava, butternut, red cabbage and kale . Turned out little thicker than other juices cos of guava- but an absolute treat! 2nd was celery, coconut water and aloe Vera.. Absolute bliss —😇!” Meenal, Singapore

Give Back to Charity

NOTE: This is not the sign up button – only further donation to MTSS

The Mission to Seafarers is a charity that helps our seafarers, that bring all the items and goods that we use in our daily life, to the country we live in. At sea for months at a time, with poor conditions. High levels of diabetes and suicide and out of internet range so they can’t even communicate with their loved ones. Your money will :

  • Provide shelter, support and care at the port they doc in
  • Transport into town to get supplies for their next voyage
  • A place to find a friend or grab a healthy meal

This program is priceless because its a 3 in one feel great solution.

  1. Give yourself a CHALLENGE. A challenge that 20,000 others will be signing up to too. Do it with your family, friends and colleagues. Its also a global challenge too, So you will be doing this with others globally. Life is all about experiences. This is an experience you will never forget.
  2. Regain your HEALTH. By giving your body a well earned break. Kind of like how we give a car a service, We will be boosting our health for this weeks challenge. Leaving you feeling motivated to do more for your health.
  3. Giving back to CHARITY. Nothing can be sweeter in life than giving to a great cause. Ever wondered how your goods get to you? By boat and these seafarers have it rough. Your donation will be going to save lives, give better quality of life and bring wellness to their workplace. Out of the SGD30, SGD25.00 goes to The Mission to Seafarers Singapore. Click the Logo to find out more.

We Have Got It All Covered For You


Need a new juicer? Tania has the perfect model for you, The A*Slow Juicer. Its half of the typical shop prices and produces a super smooth deliciously filling and nutritious juice.


If you want to do the Gold challenge but don’t have time to shop for produce you can order the produce already selected and picked and packed and washed through us too. We have teamed up with Daily Juice to deliver you the best produce direct to your door.


All the fabulous juices in the program can be delivered to your door! Order 1 day, 3 day or 5 day of juices and you will get exactly what we are doing in the program. Sign up and place your orders in advance to secure guaranteed delivery.

When You Join You get 3 Bonuses!


A book highlighting ways to great health.

Written by Tania Schnuppe on the quest for longevity, after a breast cancer scare.

Packed full of tip’s for a disease free life.

VALUE $$$ Priceless Free When You Sign Up


1. Alex’s – Yoga and Meditation  OR

2. Mike’s – Exercises for Busy People  OR

3. Donna’s – Pump it Up Intensive

VALUE SDG$120.00 Free when you Sign Up


1. The ULTIMATE Guided Detox or

2.  The ULTIMATE Guided Weight Loss  or

3. Diabetes No More

VALUE $100 Saving

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Summary of What You Get In the Challenge

Recipe meal plan for the 7 day challenge

Shopping list

Videos on how to make

Guided emails

Facebook community support

Program support and guidance

Video tutorials and tips

Plus being part of up to 20,000 people taking the challenge.

When Not to Do the Juice Only Fast

If you are pregnant, eat and juice for boosting your baby , if you have IBS or Colitis, do the juicing and eating or if you have any doubts about your Health condition, please consult your health advisor

How long do I have to do the program for?
The program is flexible you can just donate, or you can do 3 days, 5 days or the full 7 days its up to you. You can eat and juice or just juice your way through. The main aim is to get your health boosted. So take part in what you can.
Do I have to do the juicing phase?
No you can skip this part and eat and juice. But you will feel so much better when you take the challenge on. You will look back and feel very proud of yourself.
Can I continue to take my supplements and medication?

Yes if you wish, but with regard to the supplement you can come off these for the 7 days of  juicing as you will be having a lot of nutrients going in. However for medications you must stick to what your doctor has prescribed you .If you are in any doubt please refer back to your nutritionist, health advisor or doctor

Always consult your doctor with any queries to your medication.

When is it not a good idea to juice?
This is a great question. Well there are a few cases that juicing is not advised. If you are pregnant then its best to eat and juice at the same time. If you have severed Ulcerative Colitis or Irritable Bowel its best to eat and juice.

Want to know more then come meet Tania in a Face to Face Workshop



  • I want to get my health on track
  • I am not eating as healthy as I could do
  • I need my glass of wine at night to de-stress
  • I can’t seem to fall asleep or I wake up in the middle of the night
  • I have no energy to get through my day so I need my coffee to pick me up
  • Stress is hard to balance in this stress fueled life
  • I would like to loose a kilo or 2
  • I am on medication for symptoms and I don’t know how to get myself better

Lets recharge your system, do a computer like “reboot” and then kick start your metabolism


EVERYONE! No Joke,This is a GIANT CHALLENGE, that is for charity. Everyone will be doing it and you won’t want to be left out.


  • Energy
  • Alert mind
  • Feeling fit

Feel like the younger you and if you are dedicated and stay on plan you can feel the way you did when you were 21!

  • Great sleep cycles
  • Increased Libido
  • Happy and much better about yourself
  • WEIGHT LOSS – yippeeeeee yep weight loss is a symptom and should be at the top but its not about the weight its about gaining your health and as a result you will loose the weight.

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