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Keep up to date with the latest health science. Based on studies and new research, looking to detox daily as part of our every day life. Help you to stay healthy and as we grow older to feel and look younger.
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What Our Customers are Saying

“I believe that just because we get older this doesn’t mean that we have to stop doing things that we want to. I am currently on day 7 of the juicing phase & it’s been great so far. I’ve managed to keep my energy levels up while continuing to train. I don’t weigh myself very often as I’ve stopped being concerned by weight & focus more on body fat & how I feel & how my clothes fit, but today I popped onto the scales & I’m 3kgs lighter than I was starting this program. So I checked my body fat too & I’ve broken through my target that I set last year!!!!!!!!!!!! So whilst my BMI still has me as overweight, my body fat % has just moved me from ‘fitness’ into ‘athletic’ somewhere I’ve never ever been & never thought I ever would be.” Mike – Coyote-Fitness, Singapore Mike Hickman

Fitness Coach, Coyote Fitness

“I started Tania’s programs over 2 years ago and never looked back. Juicing is my go to and I continue to feel “fit and fabulous” just like Tania said as long as I stick to her plan. And when i come off, I just get straight back on again” My first juicing I lost over 6kg. I was thrilled. Tania motivates me, and helps me to stay on track” Megan, Hong Kong Megan Inglis-Davies

Relocation Expert and Real Estate Agent, Locations Hong Kong

“I lost 7 Kilos whilst I was juicing. I could not believe how great I felt” Hazleen – Singapore Hazleen, Singapore

Director of ATC, Amazing Trekkers Club

“Ok I am hooked, I love my juice. Its making me feel like wearing a hat.” Nicky, Singapore Nicky Wynne, Singapore

Marketing Director , Mission to Seafarers Singpore

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